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We’re extremely excited to announce the release of AlphaOmega 3.0, in stock and now shipping. This is not an incremental improvement to an already great product, it’s a full-on reboot, a new product – the best omega-3 supplement ever made. Here’s what’s new and why it matters.

We Changed the Oil

AlphaOmega has been upgraded to the superior triglyceride form of omega-3. Although the ethyl ester form of omega-3 fatty acids have a proven track record of safety and efficacy, recent studies have shown the triglyceride form to be better absorbed and more bioavailable. The triglyceride form is the more natural form which our bodies are accustomed to.


We Changed the Quantity in the Bottle

AlphaOmega used to be 90 capsules, now it’s 120. It used to last one month; now it lasts two. Taking the regular serving size of two liquid-caps per day, every bottle of AlphaOmega is now designed to last two months. The price per bottle has gone up, but it lasts twice as long. We did this so you can buy two bottles/two months worth of PrettyPills or VitaBeard and one bottle of AlphaOmega, for a total of three bottles, which qualifies for our build-your-own combo pack discount. This is the most popular pairing, which covers everyone’s daily supplemental baseline.


We got it Non-GMO Project Verified

AlphaOmega is one of the only omega-3 fish oils to be verified by the Non-GMO Project. Most fish oils on the market can’t claim natty status because they are sourced from farmed fish that are fed genetically-modified grains, such as corn. However, AlphaOmega is sourced from wild-caught fish, and is now verified by the Non-GMO Project as contain no GMOs.


Some Things Don’t Change

AlphaOmega still maintains a 5-Star rating from the International Fish Oil Standards program (IFOS), and it still comes from wild-caught Alaskan fish caught by American fisherman in an MSC-certified sustainable fishery. Every bottle of AlphaOmega still contributes to our One-for-One program with Vitamin Angels. And it still ships free anywhere in the United States.


We hope you’ll join us in celebrating the re-launch of this category-defining product. Every supplement company in business makes a fish oil product. We only make the best one; the cleanest, the most pure, the least processed, and the best value. It’s called AlphaOmega.


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