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We’re excited to announce the release of our grass fed, organic whey protein powder, WonderWhey®!

WonderWhey® is sourced exclusively from the organic milk of grass-fed Jersey cows on small, organic dairy farms in Northern California. This unique climate allows for year-round pasture grazing, on average over 300+ days per year. The primary pasture is made up of Selina Clover, Red Clover, Rye Grass, and other coastal grasses. On warmer farms with good drainage, the cows will also graze on alfalfa. During the winter months, when the grass isn’t growing as fast due to the cold and short days, the cows are fed silage or haylage that is cut directly from the farms. Year-round access to pasture provides a superior nutritional profile for the organic milk, rich in CLA’s and Omega-3’s.

WonderWhey® is as minimally processed, non-denatured, and biologically active as whey protein can be. Low temperature microfiltration combined with bleach-free and acid-free processing results in the purest organic whey protein concentrate available, retaining all of the naturally occurring immunoglobins, lactoferrin, and native growth factors.

A true superfood, whey protein is considered to have the highest Biological Value of any protein source - superior in essential amino acid content to beef, milk, casein, or soy – and WonderWhey® is the best whey protein ever.

The happiest, healthiest cows make the best milk, and the best milk makes WonderWhey®. In addition to being USDA Certified Organic, Non-GMO Project Verified, and certified by the American Humane Association, every bottle of WonderWhey sold donates a year of vitamins to a child in need through our One-for-One partnership with Vitamin Angels. WonderWhey is better for you, it’s better for cows, it’s better for everyone. And it’s for sale now.

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