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Why We Don't Do Social Media | Q&A | #dovitamins

Why We Don't Do Social Media

In an effort to better align our marketing practices with our core values and beliefs, Do Vitamins® will no longer post on social media.

We can’t debate the entertaining and even educational aspects of social media, but we agree with the increasing amount of science which shows that social media is making us all miserable and addicted.

At their worst, the ever-changing algorithms are designed to put us on a dopamine rollercoaster where we trade our time and attention to feel increasingly sad, dissatisfied, alone, disconnected, jealous, divided, etc.

Do Vitamins® does not want to be part of or contribute to a system like that: We don’t put toxic stuff in our products, we don’t want to put toxic stuff in our marketing.

But there’s more at play here: We’re a brand, not a person, and nothing is worse on social media than brands.

Brands – especially supplements brands – basically post the same stuff: You’ve got a top down photo of a smoothie on a marble counter here, you’ve got a regurgitated motivational quote there… Let’s not forget the toy-piano-ukulele-music’d video of friends laughing on a beach (Man that one always makes me want to buy stuff!).

It’s noise. It’s boring. And it’s manipulative: Brands posting on social media only function to subtly and endlessly remind you that they exist, masquerading “familiarity” as a ruse for real “trust.”

We’re tired of the feel-good PR templates, and we think you might be too.

“Experts” claim that only fools would run a business without social media. They say that “social media is your own television network, where you can broadcast your message day and night!”

Do you want us to beam you with marketing messages all the time?

Personally, we want to turn the TV off. Professionally, today, we are doing just that.

We believe it is possible to operate a business according to a value system, even when that value system goes against common practices and might sacrifice profit and growth potential. It has worked for other businesses, and it’s actually already working for us, too: Do Vitamins got started going against the common practices of the supplement industry, and we continue to grow every year.

Brands are social media’s customers (after all, you’re their product), and as a brand, exiting social media is a way for us to vote with our energy and actions against it.

It is more important to us to sleep well at night, satisfied that our business – which we extend into the world as a reflection of our beliefs – is a reflection of the world we actually want to live in.

A Q&A follows. To learn more about us and how we Do Vitamins, please view our About Page

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Aren’t you worried about missing out?

Let’s be real: it’s not like we had much of a social media presence in the first place, so we’re not missing out on much. We got a really late start; then we hardly posted anything “good” (such a loaded term) to low numbers of followers. And despite essentially not doing social media, we’ve grown every year we’ve been in business. We’re a healthy business and we think exiting social media is also healthy. Fear of missing out (FOMO) is definitely not healthy.

We do a couple of things really well: clean products and good service.
Most of the supplement industry does one thing well: marketing.

Some form of marketing is likely necessary but the endless noise of “promotion” is nothing we’ll ever be good at, because it’s nothing we believe in.

What’s next? How do we stay in touch and get updates?

The absolute best way to stay in touch has been and will continue to be our email list.

And we aren’t going to get off social just to become super annoying with our emails, either: You can still expect one newsletter per month with updates plus an occasional special notice (think Cyber Monday or a new product announcement). We’re talking 18 emails in a year, and if we can roll a new product announcement into the newsletter, we’ll do that.

As has been the case, our emails will continue to include a discount every time. If you’re already a veteran subscriber, nothing will change!

What will happen to the existing Do Vitamins social media presence?

Our Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts have all gone dark with a message/post that leads you to this page. They will remain up, where you can follow or unfollow, tag or not.

We can’t stop you from using #dovitamins, and for the time being, we will continue to provide a discount to those who do post with #dovitamins.

I have feelings and thoughts on this and I want to express them, but you’re not on social media anymore! What do I do!?

Please email us! We would love to hear your feedback.

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Even though we don't post to social media anymore, plenty of other people do. Did you know you can get a discount for posting? Check out our current promotions for details.

Secret Track!

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