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PurePump® Lemon

  • The only pure pre-workout supplement — with a burst of citrus.

    PurePump® Lemon balances the bitter of PurePump® Unflavored with 100% Pure Crystalized Lemon and 0.6 grams of organic cane juice per serving — Just a few 100% natural ingredients for a better tasting, ultra-clean pump.

    The first of its kind, PurePump® is the cleanest pre-workout supplement available. Free of artificial ingredients and dangerous chemicals, PurePump® will help you perform at a higher level.*

    Clean, sustained energy without the crash*
    Increased muscle strength and endurance*
    Enhanced mental focus*
    Delayed muscle fatigue*
    Speeds recovery from intense exercise*
    Supports healthy weight management and body composition*

Ingredients & Benefits

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Customer Reviews

Based on 25 reviews
Colin C.
Longtime Unflavored Customer, Tried Lemon For The First Time

I'm a huge fan of Do Vitamins and the purity of their products. I've purchased everything multiple times and have nothing but great remarks, but the pre-workout is the product I continually use & repurchase before the current tub is empty.

I'm big into unflavored supplements as a whole, the supplement industry has ruined flavorings with artificial colors/flavors. I've been purchasing the unflavored pre-workout for close to 2 years now and am a satisfied forever-customer. My girlfriend has recently gotten into lifting and wanted a strong but pure pre-workout, and that's when I learned about the lemon flavored pre-workout. I have been taking the lemon flavored pre since we got it so I can taste it as well and it's by far a top notch pre-workout.

If you've used other flavored pre-workouts you'll know that their flavors are very strong and overpowering. Do Vitamins has done well with minimizing the extreme flavor and instead went with a light lemon flavor. It's not a drink you'll choose to casually sip on, but it's very easy to drink in a few gulps and you're set for your lift.

Derrick Fairchild

PurePump® Lemon

Ahmad Mousa

PurePump® Lemon

Ahmad Maher

PurePump® Lemon

Steven Striha

PurePump® Lemon

K Hamilton
Literally gets me pumped!

The tingle of the PurePump literally gets me pumped to log miles and elevation on my bike and keeps me going longer. I also have started using PostPump to recover after rides and am really happy with both products. The simplicity of both is great also... I just shake up the PurePump with a little water and usually mix the PostPump in with a smoothie after I ride. Easy Peasy.

Phillip B
Draw Droppin, Veins Poppin

Does what it says it will. Tastes just right (not too sweet). You won't regret getting this.

Brian Schoals
Review for pure pump

Pure pump is exactly what I want to use for a preworkout. I was looking for energy and pump without the artificial sweetener and colors.

Kevin Mackowski

PurePump® Lemon

J Cruz
Pure pump

Best natural pre workout on the market!!