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PurePump® Lemon

  • The only pure pre-workout supplement — with a burst of citrus.

    PurePump® Lemon balances the bitter of PurePump® Unflavored with 100% Pure Crystalized Lemon and 0.6 grams of organic cane juice per serving — Just a few 100% natural ingredients for a better tasting, ultra-clean pump.

    The first of its kind, PurePump® is the cleanest pre-workout supplement available. Free of artificial ingredients and dangerous chemicals, PurePump® will help you perform at a higher level.*

    Clean, sustained energy without the crash*
    Increased muscle strength and endurance*
    Enhanced mental focus*
    Delayed muscle fatigue*
    Speeds recovery from intense exercise*
    Supports healthy weight management and body composition*

Pure Performance. Benefits without the BS.

Ingredients & Benefits

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
oh my god its palpable

I love the original pure pump for its great ingredients, no crash, and its overall a great performance enhancing supplement for your workout! But I rued the actual act of drinking it. The bitter taste, the gritty texture and the battery acidish after taste during my whole workout made it tough to want to pump. THIS FORMULA THOUGH. ALL IT TOOK WAS A HINT OF LEMON. Its crazy how I can actually tolerate drinking it! The product tastes a little like a lemon Gatorade, and it dissolved for the most part, compared to the powder blob the original makes when attempting to mix it. If you want all the benefits of pure pump without the bitter flavor I highly recommend the lemon. I'll be purchasing this one from now on!



woo pure pump that actually tastes good!

its basically what i've always wanted -- pure pump that doesnt taste bad and is still keto and doesnt have any artificial flavors

i am a one-scooper (well half scooper now because they changed the size of the scoop) and put it in a 24ish ounce shaker with water and it basically tastes like watered down lemonade. it would probably taste like real lemonade if used a full scoop and less water. i always use a ton of water with purepump to dilute the taste, but it doesnt seem necessary anymore

one bad feedback is -- don't like the bigger scoop, it doesnt fit well in the container

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